Concise Marketing

We have access to a large database of customers and can help you shift that slow moving and obsolete stock. Our qualified staff will help you to work out the best solution to move your stock and free up your cash and floor space to allow you to better utilise your resources on your faster moving stock. We can market to our existing database and either purchase the stock from you if you need to free up your resources quickly or work on a consignment basis to sell your stock. We aim to work out a win-win situation for all parties involved
Concise Management
If you need help managing your business we have the expertise for you. We can help out with book keeping, marketing promotions, business structuring and asset protection just to name a few services. You will have access to our fully qualified CPA accountant who's expertise is in business management including inventory managment, product costing, importing, international business and business structuring to give you maximum flexibility and asset protection
Related Businesses

Concise Marketing & Management is a sister company to our Importing and Sourcing Company. We can help you source all kinds of products including Promotional Materials for your business (business cards, flyers etc) and inventory used in your business.

Concise Plumbing

Licensed Plumber to meet all of your Plumbing requirements in and around the Sunshine Coast Qld region

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